How long does shipping take?

It's taking between 5 and 7 days on average for shirts to get to customer's homes. Some have only taken 3 days though. You will get a tracking code when shipped.

Can I pick-up locally in Philadelphia?

We order our shirts per order from a provider outside of Philadelphia. You can pickup at our office but it will still take 5-7 days for us to receive your order and the price will still be the same. It's easier to have it shipped to your home.

How is the quality of the T Shirts? 

It's definitely not the bad quality they give out for free before a concert, but it also isn't Egyptian cotton. Our shirts are somewhere in the middle and definitely good for a few years of regular washing. They're soft...

What's your return policy?

If the shirt is defective we'll ship you out a new one with no charge. That would be a hole in it, printing was messed up or something else physically wrong with your shirt. If the fitment is wrong we'll charge you for shipping but not a new shirt.